How to DIY Whitewash a Dresser

As Fall rolls around and we spend (even) more time at home, many people like to tackle indoor projects that have been left all summer. That’s why we are here to show you how to DIY your own dresser into an upgraded chic bureau. This favorite furniture makeover is one of the easiest Do It Yourself projects! With an existing dresser, this whole project can cost you under $20 if using our Country Chic Paints & Primers, it takes less than a day to complete, and the process is extremely easy.

If you think you aren’t cut out for “this type of thing”, don’t run away! This project only requires a paint brush and some Country Chic paint; you can do this! To get started, you will need a dresser (you can either use one of your own or can find them second hand) a paint brush, our Country Chic paint, and a piece of sanding paper. There are only two simple steps to upgrading this old dresser; sanding and painting:


You are going to start by preparing the dresser for the paint. This will require you to remove all the hardware (this can easily be done with a screwdriver) and scrape off any adhesive that is stuck on the dresser. Next, you have the option of sanding the surface to help the paint adhere. This doesn’t need to be anything extraordinary, just a brief sanding to rough up the surface. You don’t want to rub off the stained color of the wood, as this will help with the distressed look.

Next you are going to go ahead with the dry brushing. This technique is very similar to regular painting, but rather with a very dry paint brush. I have attached a thorough tutorial here for further instructions. The paint we recommend is our one and only Country Chic Paint in Simplicity , or in any colour you would like. You will only need a 4oz jar, as dry brushing requires very little paint. The other important object is, obviously, the paintbrush, preferably one you don’t mind throwing away, as sometimes the paint dries into the brush during the process. The key with dry brushing it to put as little paint as possible on your brush; thus, meaning you can always add more, but it is difficult to take off once you have gone too far.

You are going to apply the paint in long brush strokes, working as quick as possible to ensure that the paint doesn’t become patchy. When dry brushing, you can choose to apply either a thick or thin coat of paint, depending on your preferences.


After the dresser has been painted and dried, you can choose to sand some of the paint away, causing a distressed look. Sanding away some of the paint will bring in the undertones of the previous color of the wood. Take a medium-grit sandpaper and sand areas that have too much paint, or maybe just the right amount depending on your preferences (hint: sanding parts of the furniture that naturally already have wear and tear (like the edges and corners) will add to the distressed look you are going for.


Tada! You are done! To recap, this dresser should only take a few hours to paint and is one of the easiest budget friendly DIY’s you can do yourself! If you want, you can buy different hardware to put on the dresser after it’s painted. You can find accessories like these at home improvement stores, craft stores, or even Winners. Tag us in your masterpiece on Instagram