How to Use our Redesign Décor Transfers to Spice Up Your Living Room

Is your living room feeling outdated and lifeless? Does your furniture need an upgrade? Let Redesign Décor Transfers bring your living room back to life. These transfers are exceptionally detailed and easy to apply. We recommend using these on walls, furniture, wood, doors, and much more. This beautiful line of products will inspire and motivate you to create a beautiful living space all on your own, so let’s get started!

ReDesign Décor Transfer are in-stock and can be bought individually on our website. There are only three steps to applying a transfer: 

  • Before:

Before applying, make sure the area that you are adhering the transfer to is clean and free of any dust or debris. For best results, the surface you are using should be primed and even. To clean, take a try towel and dust/clean the whole area.

  • Application:

After cleaning, position the transfer where you would like to apply it. Remove the protective sheet from the backing and place it directly onto the surface. After sticking the transfer to the surface, use masking tape to secure the transfer to keep it in place. Using a transfer tool or an applicator of your choice, rub the transfer design onto the surface. Depending on the size and design of your transfer, you may have to rub the transfer with moderate force. When rubbing, be sure to an even force all over the design to release the transfer.

  • After:

After rubbing your transfer onto the surface, gently remove the acetate protector sheet to reveal your transferred design. In some cases, there may be pieces that did not transfer. Not to worry, reposition the sheet back onto the surface and rub it again. After, gently remove the protector again and now it is time to show off your newly improved furniture! 

To extend the life of your Redesign Décor Transfer, you may use a water-based sealer or a clear wax sealant; we recommend our Clear Country Chic Finish. Take a look at our Furniture Glaze Tutorial to find out how to use it.

Voila! You are done, and now have beautiful updated furniture!

Many of our transfers can be cut into smaller designs making them very versatile for all shapes and sizes of furniture. If you don’t see the design you’re looking for, contact us and we’ll do our best to get it in stock for you.