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Hemp Oil

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Sustainably sourced from Canadian farmers, our 100% all-natural Hemp Oil offers incredible protection as it naturally dries and polymerizes over time. Whether you have a raw wood piece, painted furniture, or even leather that needs protecting and conditioning, Hemp Oil helps in more ways than one! You can even use Hemp Oil to condition an antique that you want to bring back to life without painting.

Although not waterproof, Hemp Oil is water-resistant and eco-friendly. And because our Hemp Oil is all-natural, it’s also ideal for protecting children’s cribs, toys, and furniture.

Hemp Oil Product Features:

  • Adds a light water-resistant layer of protection to your furniture
  • 100% natural; sustainably sourced from Canadian farmers
  • Perfect for use on raw wood, painted furniture, and even wooden floors
  • 100% VOC-free; contains NO harsh chemical additives such as phthalates, formaldehyde, heavy metals, or solvents
  • A little of this oil makes a big difference

IMPORTANT NOTE: Hemp Oil contains tree hemp seed and may not be suitable for use by people with hemp seed allergies.

Check out this tutorial for information on how to use Hemp Oil.